HART Resources

HART Brochure - General information and suggested rates.

Caregiver Hiring Guide - Use this guide to help you ask the proper questions of a potential caregiver.

Caregiver Schedule - Use this form to keep track of caregiver contact information and schedules.


Community Resources

At HART, we believe in giving you the information you need to help yourself and your loved ones.  Below are links to additional organizations that you may find helpful:

New York State Department of Health - Latest health news and issues

New York State Department of Aging - Access to Legal Services for Older New Yorkers

The Alzheimers Association - The official Alzheimers Association Website

The Arthritis Foundation - The official Arthritis Foundation Website

National Multiple Sclerosis Society - The official website of the MS Society

 National Stroke Association - National Stroke Association Official Site

 American Parkinson Disease Association - Official Site of the APDA

 Centers for Medicaid and Medicare - US Department of Health and Human Services

 National Institute on Aging - The Leader in Ageing Research

 AARP Resources on Aging - Even More Resources provided by AARP

Asbestos and Mesothelioma Center - Find local doctors, treatment centers, and support groups.

New York Senior Community Ratings and Reviews - Senior services, communities, and newsletters 

Employment Rules & Regulations Resources

Liability Insurance:  Contact your insurance agent

Workers's Compensation Insurance:  or call toll free (866) 211-0645

United States Department of Labor:  or call toll free (866) 487-9243 - Minimum wage requirements, etc.

Social Security  withholding or reporting:  or call (716) 283-1066

NYS Department of Labor:  Unemployment Insurance Requirments:   or call (716) 847-7141

United States Internal Revenue Service:  Income tax witholding requirmeents on wages earned